Silva Blazquez Piano Studio


I am passionate about teaching piano. I am convinced that learning music is an important and meaningful experience in any child’s development. Attention, care, patience and discipline are fundamental qualities needed in order to achieve success with my students.

For more than 25 years, my studio has been offering many opportunities for students to become skilled musicians and to participate in local, regional, and national festivals, performances, and competitions. My students range from children and adults, to amateurs and professionals of all levels.

Please call to schedule an interview and audition if interested.

phone:  703-266-5445 


2/10-VMTA Theory Exam

2/17-NVMTA Bach Baroque Festival

3/3- MSMTA Piano Duet Festival

3/8-NVMTA Piano Concerto Festival

5/4-MSMTA Spring Piano Solo

5/4-NVMTA Achievement Awards

5/12-WMTA Hartman Competition 

5/18-NVMTA Sonata Festival

5/19-MSMTA Gottlieb Competition 

6/9-Northern District Audition













Virginia State Finals:

Kevin Shen- First Place, $75

​MTNA Junior Piano:

 Kevin Shen- First Alternate

WMTA Judged Recital:

Elsa Tseng- Honors

Jasmine Mao- HM

Sarah Shen- HM

WMTA Modern Music Competition:

Elsa Tseng (Level 2)-1st Place

Olivia Baek (Level 3)-1st Place

Daniel Liu (Level 1)-3rd Place

Sarah Shen (Level 2)-3rd Place

Jasmine Mao(Level 4)-3rd Place

Benford Family Award:

 Olivia Baek, $100 Award

NVMTA Judged Recital:

Olivia Baek- Honors

Great Composer Competition, Masters of Sonata:

Aaron Yang ( Level 1)-2nd Place

Elsa Tseng (Level II)-2nd Place

Sean Pan (Level II)-2nd Place

Evan Jing (Level II)-3rd Place

Serena Pan (Level III)-3rd Place

Olivia Baek(Level III)-3rdPlace

2023 YMIC Metropolitan Live Classical Music Festival:

Sophia L. Wang (8/9)-1st Place

Jasmine Mao(8/9)-2nd Place

Nam Tran (10/12)-2nd Place

Elsa Tseng (4/5)-2nd Place

Sarah Shen (6/7)-2nd Place

NVMTA Fall Festival:

Aaron Yang- Superior

Daniel Liu- Superior

Elsa Tseng-Superior

Thorin Kao-Superior

Sean Pan- Superior

Evan Jing-Superior

William Chung- Superior

Serena Pan-Superior

Anna Chen- Superior