Lessons during the school year are based on quarterly tuition which reserves your child a specific weekly time slot in the studio. Tuition will remain a fixed amount from month to month, regardless of the number of lessons.

Families may make four equal quarterly payments.

Annual tuition for 2022-2023 will cover:

  • 39 Individual Lessons
  • Group Performance Class



Lesson LengthQuarterly Rate
60 minutes $865                  
45 minutes $690
75 minutes$1008

Tuition is due in advance, no later the 10th of each month. A late fee of $10 will be added to any payments received after 10th of each month.


​The yearly event/material fee of $300 is collected at the time of registration. This fee reserves a place in the schedule for lessons during the following school year, and it pays for theory materials, music, and festival/competition fees.

TUITION & studio policies

Silva Blazquez Piano Studio



Lessons missed by students for any reason other than inclement weather cannot be made up. Regular attendance is a student and parent responsibility. The studio will not assume any financial responsibility for the student’s absence due to illness, weather, sports, etc. 

If possible, please provide 24 hours courtesy notice when your child is ill. Please do not come to your lesson sick.

The student will receive a make-up lesson should instructor become ill, be out of town, or cancel for any reason. 


Please be on time. If a student arrives late, time will not be taken from the following student’s lesson to accommodate late arrivals.

Short-trimmed nails are a must.

Girls should have their hair pulled up and away from the face, as that may be a distraction.

For home practice, students will need:

  • A well maintained instrument
  • Music dictionary
  • Metronome